The process of bringing your energy 
and action into conscious alignment with
your deepest soul desires.

Sunday, February 24th 2019 in 
Newmarket, Ontario
Instead of making 2019 about resolutions and grandiose goal setting, how about we first make it about opening some space for a life that is simpler, filled with more gratitude, self-love and generosity of spirit towards ourselves and others?

What if we paused for just a bit and took a sweet moment to appreciate what is truly working for us and got incredibly clear on what, quite simply, could use an upgrade, overhaul or course correction?  

Let me ask you this …
Do you... 

...feel like you have crystal-clear clarity on what’s right for you?

...know, with confidence, how to tap into your soul’s messages and not feel like your mind chatter and noise gets in the way?

...feel like the life you are living is the life that you know you are meant to be living or do you feel like you are still searching and reaching for more?

...ever simply wonder “is this it?” or know that there is more to life than what you are experiencing?

Or are you that person that feels deeply engaged in many elements of your extraordinary life and yet still feel like something is missing?

I understand. I really do.

I know what it’s like to be living a really good life and yet still want more, desire more and feel like there is a part of my life that is a place of constant struggle and challenge.

When I say that I know what it’s like, I’m not bullshitting you. I’ve been there so deeply that I’m willing to share my absolute truth about how I came to understand what I intimately needed to make myself happy and how I turned a silent breakdown into an epic breakthrough. 

The process may not have been pretty (epic understatement), but it served a giant purpose in my life. Amongst other things it ultimately led me to develop my HeartSpark program, Soul Inspired Retreats and now this one day, in-person, immersion workshop that I’m calling A.L.I.G.N.

High five for climbing yourself out of your own downward spiral!

A.L.I.G.N. is a one-day workshop full of self-love, soul love and celebrating everything about who you are. 

What's Included? 
  •  Tea or coffee, snacks and fully catered healthy lunch. 
  •  A bound journal and take home materials.
  •  We’ll move our bodies – starting the day with a gentle yoga flow (no yoga experience required).
  •  I’ll share my personal story and lead you through a series of questions (complete with a mug of tea) that will help you get clear on what’s wanting and needing to bubble up FOR you right now in this time of your life. 
  •  We’ll work through the sticking points of what keeps us from getting what we desire.
  •  I’ll share with you some simple grounding principles and rituals that will keep you moving this from a concept to a tangible, actionable process.
The anchors of this workshop will keep you moving towards what is right for you – long after the workshop ends.  Clarity is a gift and you’ll leave this day feeling a deeper sense of knowing, gratitude and inner connection for what’s right for you and how to align your actions with what you truly want at this time and place in your life.

It will create a sense of simplicity, grounding and inner strength knowing that you have a rudder that’s firmly planted in what’s right for you. 

This event is limited to 30 individuals so please don’t wait to say YES. Don’t hum and haw and second guess whether you ‘should’ attend. Don’t wait for your friend, sister, lover or brother to say YES. Say yes for you if it calls to you - if you feel yourself leaning in or you just feel incredibly curious to what this all means.

Delicious food, movement, curiosity, playfulness, laughter and fun.

I'd love you to join me.
Sunday, February 24th 2019
Where: Old Town Hall, 460 Botsford St., Newmarket.
Time: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
The Investment?

$147 CAD + HST
Includes a bound journal and take home materials, tea/coffee, snacks 
and a fully catered healthy lunch. 

What do you need to bring?
  •  Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move, stretch and do gentle yoga in.
  • A refillable water bottle
  • Your favorite ceramic mug or travel mug. If there is a tea you must-have, bring it along! I want you to feel as comfortable and inspired as possible. 
  • Yoga mat (if you have it -- if you don't please let me know!). 
  • An open mind, heart and a sense of curiosity and playfulness.
  •  I will take care of the rest for you! 
Sunday, February 24th 2019
Where: Old Town Hall, 460 Botsford St., Newmarket.
Time: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
About Dr. Laura Foster
Dr. Laura Foster has been an inspired Chiropractor for 20+ years and along the way she has coached and led retreats, workshops and group gatherings that have allowed her to tap into her gift of helping others find their truth and greatest sense of self. 

Laura believe that our soul work is our greatest work and also our most rewarding. It’s where joy, passion and inspiration reside and when we take the time to create the space and opportunity to connect with that part of ourselves, we become grounded in who we are. Her retreats have been described by past participants as being “lighthearted, fun and an incredibly powerful way to discover our deepest truths. Her retreats are always a beautifully curated experience that couldn’t help but inspire you.” 

Laura has many passions with a multitude of interests, but all of them include connection, laughter and great food – and her retreats are no exception. Currently Laura has two upcoming 2019 multi-day retreats that are being co-facilitated by David Good.

Visit Laura’s Website: www.drlaurafoster.com

Message me if you have questions: dr.foster@rogers.com

Sunday, February 24th 2019
Where: Old Town Hall, 460 Botsford St., Newmarket.
Time: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
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