Dr. Laura Foster / Mindfulness

When It’s All Said And Done And It’s Not Enough

Tell me, in your dream of dreams - what would your perfectly designed life look like? What kind of car would you drive? Where would your house be? How many kids would you have? Would you have a dog? How many vacations would you take and where would you go? How much money would you make? Who would you be walking through life with holding your hand and what would your ultimate chosen work be?  Imagine how your life would look in great detail ...

Four Ways To Benefit From Meditating – Without Actually Meditating

If you’re like me, nailing my butt to a meditation pillow is a colossal lesson in self-discipline. And before you tell me that the discipline is part of the point, let me share my perspective. My modern day take on why most people believe they “should” meditate is because they want what they perceive meditating will help them achieve: more peace, relaxation and self-awareness.   Disclaimer: That's me. You may be different and if so, put your "why" for wanting to meditate in place of peace, relaxation and self-awareness   If meditation is working well for you then I encourage you to keep at it. If you find meditation isn’t happening for you or if you go in and out of periods of meditating with little success, then I...