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Ahhhhh September. 

Ahhhhh September. 

My favorite reset month.  We all love summer for the warm evenings, backyard BBQs and unscheduled random acts of funness (in my world that’s a word), but you must admit.  Secretly (or perhaps, not so secretly), you yearn for the scheduling of September. It’s okay. Your secret is safe with me. 

Once I mourn the loss of the summer heat, I start to yearn for and celebrate the new possibilities that come from September and the fall months. 

Imagine If We Obsessed About The Things We Loved About Ourselves

Imagine if we bathed ourselves in love? How would we feel if we truly enjoyed ourselves? If we thought we were funny and unique and interesting and SEXY? How would we move, think and respond to ourselves and others if we knew that we are enough just the way we already are and that striving for more was only because we had a curiosity for the unknown. So much time wasted on criticizing ourselves and others ...