It’s Who I Am – And I Honour That

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It’s Who I Am – And I Honour That

We can be many things.

I am a tough cookie.

I am built for longevity.

I thrive off the results I get from grinding and hustling to create what I have passion for.

I’m not afraid to work hard.

It’s who I am. 

But those who know me best know I also have a soft heart. I balance it well, most times, because I’ve developed a strong sense of who I am.

And yet, there are times when my tender heart requires my attention.

I feel very deeply.

I sense others anguish.

I’m an empath at my core.

It can be a lot to balance. 

When it’s time to shine I stand boldly in my energy and I go for it.

And when my heart tells me to cocoon, rest, restore and honor me …I’ve learned to listen.

It’s okay to be both.

It’s okay to be many things.

It’s what makes us special, extraordinary and uniquely powerful.

When you feel the pull to go inward, say yes.

And when it’s time to produce,  do that.

Your soul is divinely guiding you in a way that the cognitive mind won’t always understand . 

For me, lately – it’s been sun, sand and restoration.

What is it for you? 






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