HeartSpark Program

Dr. Laura Foster / HeartSpark Program

HeartSpark Program

Why I call my teachings HeartSpark:

The term HeartSpark simply refers to the feeling that happens in the centre of our chest when we have an experience that feels in alignment with who we are.

Its that spark or sense of excitement or impulse that we feel when we’ve met someone or had an experience that enlivens our soul. 

When this happens, take notice (as I’m sure you have) because it’s a sure sign that whatever has occurred is in vibrational harmony with your soul.  Soul alignment is incredibly important in our quest to live our must fulfilled existence.  When we learn to listen to the subtle (and not so subtle) messages of our soul it becomes infinitely easier to know what to say ‘yes’ to and what to say ‘no thank you’ to.

Our soul messages are constantly speaking to us but without the awareness of how to tune into them, we miss our greatest opportunity to align with our gifts, our genius and our divine purpose.

HeartSpark is a series of discussions and personal journaling and discovery that is meant to be fun, lighthearted and powerful in its application. This process will introduce you to personal habits and rituals that will facilitate your ability to lean into your soul’s messages and increase your confidence around attuning to your soul’s longings. 

This has application into your everyday life as we are constantly bombarded with thoughts, inner conflict, worry, disappointment and the striving for that which will truly bring us peace, joy and contentment.

 If you know you are meant for something greater. If you are tired of asking yourself, “is this it?” “what am I supposed to be doing?” or “what do I want?”, or if you simply want to live your life with a greater sense of joy and abundance, this program is for you. 

HeartSpark will increase your confidence around making decisions, taking action and stepping into your greatest sense of self and will leave you feel empowered. 

Laura teaches her HeartSpark program in workshops and retreat settings. If you would like more information about this program please email drlaurafoster @