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Straight Talk About Self Love & Self Care

I have started and stopped this post 6 times in as many months. What I desire is some straight talk around what it means to truly embrace the concept of self love and self honouring. Self care - if you will.  In the absence of deep ongoing acts of self nourishment, here's what it's not: ** pedicures ** ** 10 minutes of solitude ** ** massages ** ** 60 min meetups with our bestie** I love it all (especially the massages).  I really do. But can we please stop pretending that these "moments" are enough.  They aren't. These things feel good and often become our lifeline, but in the absence of deeper acts of self honouring,  they are simply bandaids.   Twenty examples of what it really means to love and honour...

It saddened me to know that it was ME I was talking to.

If you could hear the words I would say in the stillness of my mind you’d be saddened to know that it was ME I was talking to. The words I chose to say to myself would often be harsh, biting, shaming and belittling. I’d be quick to label and slow to forgive and the result was that my self esteem took hit after hit. This went on for years - until somewhere in my mid-20’s I got a glimpse of the relationship I had created with myself. It was precarious at best. I couldn’t rely on myself and there was evidence all over my life of how I consistently let myself down. Sure >> on the outside I might’ve appeared confident but my truth...